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11.957 Frameworks of Urban Governance, January (IAP) 2007

Old City Hall in New York City from around 1830.
New York's old city hall circa 1830, the seat of urban governance. (Image courtesy of the New York City Art Commission.)

Highlights of this Course

This course features a brief reading list and descriptions of the lectures.

Course Description

Urban governance comprises the various forces, institutions, and movements that guide economic and physical development, the distribution of resources, social interactions, and other aspects of daily life in urban areas. This course examines governance from legal, political, social, and economic perspectives. In addition, we will discuss how these structures constrain collective decision making about particular urban issues (immigration, education…). Assignments will be nightly readings and a short paper relating an urban issue to the frameworks outlined in the class.


Ms. Deborah Kobes

Course Meeting Times

Four sessions for 4 days
3 hours / session



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