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11.952 Gaoming Studio - China, Spring 2005

Plan for a new civic center in Gaoming, China.

A 3-dimensional rendering of the site plan for a new civic center in Gaoming, China. (Image courtesy of Gaoming Studio.)

Highlights of this Course

This course features a complete set of readings and the final report presented to the client in the projects section.

Course Description

The studio will focus on the district of Gaoming, located in the northwest of the Pearl River Delta (PRD) - the fastest growing and most productive region of China. The District has recently completed a planning effort in which several design institutes and a Hong Kong planning firm prepared ideas for a new central area near the river. The class will complement these efforts by focusing on planning and design options on the waterfront of the proposed new district and ways of integrating water/hydrological factors into all aspects and land uses of a modern city (residential, commercial, industrial) - including watershed and natural ecosystem protection, economic and recreational activities, transportation, and tourism.


Prof. Tunney Lee
Prof. Eran Ben-Joseph

Course Meeting Times

Two sessions / week
3 hours / session




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