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11.482J / 1.285J / ESD.193J Regional Socioeconomic Impact Analyses and Modeling, Fall 2003

Logan Airport, Boston, MA.
A view from Logan Airport toward downtown Boston. (Image courtesy of Ryan Tam.)

Highlights of this Course

This course contains an extensive reading list on the topic of regional economics, and a group of final projects set in the real-world conditions of Boston and its surroundings.

Course Description

The advanced graduate seminar is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of selected regional economic theories and techniques and with experience in using alternative socioeconomic impact assessment models and related regional techniques on microcomputers. Discussions will be held on particular theoretical modeling and economic issues; linkages among theories, accounts, and policies; relationships between national and regional economic structures; and methods of adjusting and estimating regional input-output accounts and tables. Examples from the Boston area and other U.S. cities/regions will be used to illustrate points throughout the seminar. This year we will also examine international employment outsourcing from Boston industries and the economic impacts on the local economy. New material on analyzing regional-development issues will also be covered.


Prof. Karen R. Polenske
Annie Kinsella Thompson 

Course Meeting Times

One session / week 
2-3 hours / session




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