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15.990 Architecture and Communication in Organizations, Fall 2003

Employees working in their offices.
Some companies try to design their workspaces to increase employee communication and productivity. (Image courtesy of Frank Duffy, DEGW. Used with permission.)

Highlights of this Course

The thorough set of lecture notes use many pictures and diagrams to explain the use of architectural design in business. The presentations by professors, architects, and managers are supplemented by suggested readings.

Course Description

While no businesses succeed based on their architecture or space design, many fail as a result of inattention to the power of spatial relationships. This course demonstrates through live case studies with managers and architects the value of strategic space planning and decision making in relation to business needs. The course presents conceptual frameworks for thinking about architecture, communication and organizations.

This course is offered during the Sloan Innovation Period (SIP), which is a one-week period at the MIT Sloan School of Management that occurs midway through each semester.



Prof. Diane Burton
Prof. Tom Allen
Prof. Frank Duffy

Course Meeting Times

Three sessions
19 total hours




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