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15.511 Financial Accounting, Summer 2004

Diagram showing how information flows from a company to outsiders.
This diagram explains the necessity of financial accounting: it promotes the exchange of resources. (Diagram by Prof. S. P. Kothari. Background photograph courtesy of OCW.)

Highlights of this Course

The lecture note slides explain the basics of financial accounting. Students practice these skills on the required and optional textbook problems listed on the readings page.

Course Description

This six-week summer course teaches basic concepts of corporate financial accounting and reporting. This information is widely used in making investment decisions, corporate and managerial performance assessment, and valuation of firms. Students perform economics-based analysis of accounting information from the viewpoint of the users of accounting information (especially senior managers) rather than the preparer (the accountant). This course is restricted to MIT Sloan Fellows in Innovation and Global Leadership.


Prof. S. P. Kothari

Course Meeting Times

Four sessions / week
1.5 hours / session

One session / week
1.5 hours / session



Additional Features

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