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Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .cc, .m, .xls, and .zip. This section contains documents that could not be made accessible to screen reader software. A "#" symbol is used to denote such documents.

assignments descriptions supporting files solutions
Problem Set 1 Problems on Conservation Laws (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 2 Part 1

Calculate temperature history and time required to freeze a 10 cm pool of water; description of Cast-a-Box problem. (PDF)

Part 2

Analysis of the World Trade Center Towers Collapse (PDF)#
Part 1

Heat Conduction Spreadsheet (XLS)
Using Castabox (PDF)

Part 2

Why did the World Trade Center towers collapse?
Further reading and the original continuum analysis of the Fall of the Towers.
Problem Set 3 Part 1

Simple Finite Element Method (FEM) Dam Problem (PDF)

Part 2

Fluid Dynamics Problem of Flow of Fluid between Two Infinite Plates (PDF)#
Part 1

MATLAB® Files (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: constants.m, gravity.m, internal.m, main.m, water.m and README.txt.)

Part 2

Preliminary Skeleton Code (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: plates.m and f.m)
Finished Code, (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: plates.m and f.m)
Problem Set 4 Simple Monte Carlo Simulation: Percolation Clusters by the Leath Algorithm, and Off-lattice Diffusion-limited Aggregation (DLA) Clusters (PDF) Leath Files (ZIP) (The ZIP file contains: leath_algorithm.htm, running_leath.htm, and
DLA Code, dla.m (M)
Problem Set 5 The Ising Model (PDF) MATLAB® Code, ising.m (M)
Problem Set 6 Part 1

Basic Molecular Dynamics (PDF)

Part 2

Mechanical Properties of Crystalline Materials (PDF)
ITAP Molecular Dynamics Program (IMD)
Hints (PDF - 1.1 MB) (Courtesy of Yujie Wei. Used with permission.)
GenePattern Output Samples (PDF)#