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18.013A Calculus with Applications, Spring 2005

Close-up of a diagram of a cube.

Close-up of a diagram of a cube. (Image by MIT OCW.)

Highlights of this Course

This course features a collection of learning tools, including a set of interactive Java Applets, a glossary of calculus terminology, and a full set of lecture notes in the form of an online textbook.

Course Description

This is an undergraduate course on differential calculus in one and several dimensions. It is intended as a one and a half term course in calculus for students who have studied calculus in high school. The format allows it to be entirely self contained, so that it is possible to follow it without any background in calculus.

Technical Requirements

The MathML version of the textbook requires the Internet Explorer 6 browser or above with the MathPlayer plug-in or Netscape® 7.x / Mozilla 1.0 browsers. Java® plug-in software is needed to view the applets in both the MathML and HTML® versions of the textbook.  Flash™Player software is required to run the Flash™ media found on this course site.



Prof. Daniel J. Kleitman

Course Meeting Times

Three sessions / week
1 hour / session



Additional Features

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