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3.91J / 1.593J Mechanical Behavior of Plastics, Spring 2003

Graph of eliptical coordinates.
Graph of eliptical coordinates taken from Mechanics Modules in 3.11. (Courtesy of David Roylance.)

Highlights of this Course

This course features a wealth of assignmentslecture notes and an extensive reading list.

Course Description

Relation among chemical composition, physical structure, and mechanical behavior of plastics or synthetic high polymers. Study of types of polymers; fundamentals of viscoelastic phenomena such as creep, stress relaxation, stress rupture, mechanical damping, impact; effects of chemical composition and structure on viscoelastic and strength properties; methods of mechanical property evaluation. Influences of plastics fabrication methods. Emphasis on recent research techniques and results. Individual laboratory projects investigating problems related to current research.


Prof. David Roylance

Course Meeting Times

Three sessions / week  
1 hour / session




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