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3.082 Materials Processing Laboratory, Spring 2003

Diagram of a typical injection molding process. (OSHA Technical Manual.)
Diagram of a typical injection molding process. (Image taken from the OSHA Technical Manual.)

Highlights of this Course

This project-based course includes detailed suggestions for potential projects and information about some of the tools used to create them.

Course Description

Student project teams design and fabricate a materials engineering prototype using appropriate processing technologies (injection molding, thermoforming, investment casting, powder processing, brazing, etc.). Emphasis on teamwork, project management, communications and computer skills, and hands-on work using student and MIT laboratory shops. Goals include developing an understanding of the practical applications of MSE; trade-offs between design, processing and performance; and fabrication of a deliverable prototype. Teams document their progress and final results by means of web pages and weekly oral presentations. Instruction and practice in oral communication provided.


Prof. Yet-Ming Chiang
Prof. David Roylance

Course Meeting Times

One session / week
20 minutes / session

Two sessions / week
3 hours / session




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