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World Reaction

Users from around the world have overwhelmingly endorsed the concept of open sharing of educational materials and information as it is exemplified in the MIT OpenCourseWare (MIT OCW) web site. Since it opened to the public on September 30, 2002, users from more than 215 countries, territories, and city-states around the world have visited MIT OCW. Utilizing our Feedback Form, educators, students, self-learners, and MIT alumni have sent us more than 25,000 email messages, recognizing MIT's leadership in providing free and accessible information on the Web. Read what MIT OCW users are saying about this bold MIT initiative, and about the promise of the open sharing.

Dr.  K.K. Choong

"I think what MIT has done with the OpenCourseWare initiative has clearly manifested the saying that 'Knowledge triumphs in openness.' It really opens up a 'huge vault' of knowledge to people all over the world who just want to know or learn something - to be knowledgable. It is really a very 'unthinkable' noble effort by MIT. I refer to some of the materials for my teaching, for the purpose of improvement. 'Terima kasih!' (= 'Thank you' in Malay language!)" - Dr. K.K. Choong, lecturer in the School of Civil Engineering at Universiti Sains Malaysia

Triatno Yudo Harjoko, educator in Indonesia

"This is an outstanding and incomparable stance of MIT to give access of such invaluable learning quality to the world. I am from the developing country and I would like to express my gratitude." - Triatno Yudo Harjoko, educator in Indonesia

Francisco Benitez Cardenas

"Today we know that the knowledge and the information are the keys of the modern society. Cuba works in the education of all its citizens, so that we have a population of 11,000,000 of inhabitants and 800,000 graduate university students and we develop a program to continue extending the knowledge - which we call universalization of the university - to guarantee the access of more and more young people to distance education... This MIT initiative can collaborate to deepen in our developing country the access to knowledge of quality." - Dr. Francisco Benitez Cardenas, President of Havana (Cuba) Agricultural University

Karl Hahn, mathematics educator in the United States

"I run a math education Web site and I frequently receive emails from students in Third World countries asking for free textbooks. As just one person, I don't have the resources to give away textbooks, but now I will point such queries to your OCW site. And I will be reading much of the material myself - especially the grad-level math courses. This is a wonderful thing you are doing." - Karl Hahn, mathematics educator in the United States


Sathappan Ramaswamy, self-learner from India.

"If you were to list all the adjectives available in all the languages on earth, it will still not explain completely the user's feelings after viewing this Web site... Hats off to each and everyone involved in this novel project!" - Sathappan Ramaswamy, self-learner from India

"I have been using this site for self-study for quite a few months and I think it is an excellent site - actually it's the best I've ever come across. I graduated in physics and astronomy from a university in England in 2002, and this site has brilliant material on physics and many other interesting subjects that gives me the opportunity to learn and update my knowledge of science." - United Kingdom

"Hi MIT! I just want to thank you for all of this knowledge database you are sharing with, practically, all this world. Gracias." - Mexico

John Lowry, self-learner in Austin, Texas.

"MIT's OpenCourseWare is the most exciting venture I've stumbled across in years. I've been bemoaning the growing polarization (rich vs. poor) in our society (poor education system, flat tax structure, Bread & Circuses/NASCAR races) and MIT OCW 'might' point the way to amelioration in that serious, but under-funded students, could get a good education through this and similar options... In sum, this whole notion has great possibilities!" - John Lowry, self-learner in Austin, Texas

"Thank you very much for OpenCourseWare! This is a wonderful initiative, something I've been dreaming about! It gives great opportunities for studying new things and improving my current education. Commercial distance education is too expensive for people in the country where I live, but what you did make: quality education really available. Thank you especially for the video lectures and courses that have study materials... And having those in both text and video would be beyond dreams. Thank you, thank you, thank you again!" - Azerbaijan

Leigh Pascoe, self-learner in Paris, France.

"The MIT OCW program is a generous and far-sighted initiative that will do more to change the world for the better than a thousand Iraq-style invasions. It does much to restore my faith in the enlightenment of the American people and their great experiment in democracy. This program should be emulated by every university worthy of the name." - Leigh Pascoe, self-learner in Paris, France

"Absolutely FANTASTIC idea! I rejoiced when I heard that MIT had decided to make the bold move of publishing its course material. I commend MIT for taking a step forward for the sake of education in the face of institutional common law. Bravo! I can only hope that other institutions come to share your vision." - United States

"I feel like someone has given the greatest gift. It should be shouted from the rooftops and hopefully copied by all others that have knowledge or thoughts to share. Wahoo!" - United States


Kris Kuhlman, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Arizona.

"I watched the 18.06 Linear Algebra lectures by Gil Strang and they are great. I am a Ph.D. student in hydrology, and I had never had this material formally, but I have taken several courses that rely heavily on its application. In this course the material is presented so clearly that it all just clicked... So well that I went out and bought Strang's Applications in Linear Algebra book, also very good. Thanks!" - Kris Kuhlman, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Arizona

"I am using Professor Lewin's wonderful video taped lectures and course materials as a refresher to a course in Electricity and Magnetism that I took last semester. I'm working full-time and only going to school part-time, so I needed to find a way to keep from forgetting the topics I've learned while I slowly work toward an electrical engineering degree. Your OpenCourseWare is wonderful. I can't convey to you how much pleasure and knowledge I gain from Professor Lewin's lectures... Thanks so much for making this available to all, and keep up the good work!" - United States

"The OCW initiative has again proved that MIT is the leader when it comes to creating and disseminating the knowledge. Sitting at home I could I could enrich my knowledge in 'n' number of fields thanks to the superb, user-friendly notes prepared by MIT professors and students. I am in the field of physics and was keen to delve into the domain of finance and management. Sloan's courses on OCW helped me a lot not only to build the fundamentals but also to get a deeper insight into various aspects of finance." - Iran

Shirley Williams, student in Colorado.

"MIT's OCW is about the greatest thing any institution of higher learning has ever done. There are so many people who are more than willing to read and try to learn, but see absolutely NO WAY to afford, or commit the needed time to, any kind of actual classes. This program gives them a chance to educate themselves." - Shirley Williams, student in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Chen Zhiying student in PRC.

"I am a college student in physics and material science in China. Just weeks ago, I heard about the MIT OCW from my teacher. Then I went to the site and downloaded some material in physics. Thanks for these materials. By reading them through, I have gained a lot of precious experience and skills in my study. In the last, because of money, many good students with great talent and diligent do not have the chance to learn the newest knowledge and understanding of the universe. But now, due to the OCW, the knowledge will spread to more and more people, and it will benefit the whole human-beings.- Chen Zhiying, student in People's Republic of China

"I've been following the evolution of MIT OCW, and I have to say: You're changing the views overseas people have about the United States. I have so much appreciation for your institution - you're combining the best knowledge with a concept that transcends social responsibility. And you've just started the true Knowledge Revolution, a revolution in which power doesn't come from the access to information but from the discipline and willingness of the people to improve their knowledge!" - Canada

"Your OpenCourseWare is an amazing and remarkable step! I am currently a student of computer science at BRAC University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, and I find it very much useful to learn about my courses. I have always had a dream to study at MIT, since I came to know about the institution, its unique teaching methods, but for many reasons I am not able to do so. This initiative gives me the opportunity to self-teach myself. At least I can reach what MIT teaches to their students. I feel better to access your course materials, to enrich my knowledge. To be truthful, I cannot find words to explain how I feel! Kind of unexplainable feeling, like the feeling one feels when someone falls in love!" - Maruf Muqtadir, student in Bangladesh

"I just wanted to send a quick note saying how helpful the OpenCourseWare for Mathematics 18.100B Analysis I, Fall 2002 (Instructor Richard B. Melrose) is. I am an American male, 27 years old, preparing to go to graduate school in mathematics. Part of my review process has been centered on the textbook used in the above course. I found solutions to many of the exercises in this book on your site, plus practice exams (with solutions sometimes and/or hints). It is a great resource and I am very thankful for having access to it.  The notes provided by the professor are clear, well-organized and neatly typed (which is time consuming for mathematics). The solutions are clear and concise. I thank Professor Melrose for this. Thanks again, the world appreciates your time and effort." - United States

"The OCW is very useful for referring to from time to time. The HR strategy notes are excellent. Thank you MIT Sloan." - United Arab Emirates

Dhananjay Thiruvady, student in Australia.

"Through the resources available on the OpenCourseWare Web site I am able to look up topics of reference which are relevant to my fields of interest. The topics varying from theoretical areas to application areas provide me with the ability to train myself comprehensively. As a result my personal growth has been aided substantially. Making these resources available shows the true nature of a University ('universal education'). Thank you." - Dhananjay Thiruvady, student in Australia

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