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MIT faculty share a passion for teaching and contributing to their field of study. The MIT OpenCourseWare staff strives to support the MIT faculty in their work by:

  • Helping faculty put their course materials online for teaching
  • Providing a vehicle for faculty to share their ideas and contribute to their discipline

Generally, MIT's faculty are already over-committed with teaching and research obligations, and they have concerns about any additional burden that publishing their materials to the MIT OCW Web site might place on them. In addition, open publication of course materials on the Internet (or in any medium) introduces considerations beyond what is involved in preparing materials for classroom use.  Chief among them are "contextualization" (scrubbing out irrelevant data such as class meeting location, and adding context that sets the course within the larger curriculum), addition of metadata (to support online search and other functions), and copyright clearance.

In order to make is as easy for faculty to participate as is possible, MIT OCW does much of the work. In most cases, faculty participation requires as little as two meetings and a few emails back and forth as the MIT OCW staff provides the following services:

Create and capture content

  • Audit courses and take lecture notes, and transcribe handwritten lecture notes
  • Take notes to document key discussions / case studies
  • Photograph, videotape, and/or audiotape course-related events and materials (e.g., labs)
  • Find public domain images
  • Provide professional graphic artist services

Organize and reformat content

  • Structure lecture notes, organize course materials for digital publication, reformat and edit PDFs
  • Create bibliographies with full citations

Provide advice and expertise

  • Assist with equation editors, CAD, PowerPoint, Excel, PDFs
  • Build course sites in Stellar, SloanSpace, Athena, Metamedia
  • Coordinate with MIT Academic Media Production Services (AMPS) for video and audio production
  • Train TAs on tools and platforms

Produce archival record of courses and content

  • Create CD containing source materials and templates
  • Create .ZIP file of published OCW course content that will be published online and shared with faculty

Read more about our Publication Process.

Paul Sclavounos

"My initial concerns about OCW were largely related to the limited time available to devote to the preparation of the 13.022 class notes and the associated material. The help I received from the OCW team, the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the 13.022 site, and the overall success of the OCW Pilot Project helped dissipate these concerns very quickly.
- Professor Paul Sclavounos, MIT faculty author of Course 2.24: Ocean Wave Interaction with Ships and Offshore Energy Systems (13.022)