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MIT OpenCourseWare Update: June 2007

A Monthly E-mail Newsletter for Users and Friends of MIT OpenCourseWare


In this issue:

1. OCW Mirror Site Program


The OCW Mirror Site Program provides copies of the MIT OCW website to educational organizations encountering significant challenges to internet accessibility, inadequate internet infrastructure, or prohibitive internet costs.

OCW Mirror Site packages are available free of charge to educational institutions meeting our program criteria. Each package includes a complete copy of the MIT OCW site as well as supplementary tools and materials provided on an external hard drive. Interested institutions should contact Yvonne Ng, MIT OCW External Outreach Manager, at .

2. New and Updated Courses - Boat Design, Thermodynamics, and more


The following are new and updated courses on MIT OCW.

8.09 Classical Mechanics (MIT)

STS.462 Social and Political Implications of Technology (MIT)

3.15 Electrical, Optical & Magnetic Materials and Devices (MIT)

3.205 Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials (MIT)

HST.935 Narrative Ethics: Literary Texts and Moral Issues in Medicine (MIT)

CMS.796 Major Media Texts (MIT)

2.993 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering: The Art and Science of Boat Design (MIT)

18.404J Theory of Computation (MIT)

Receive notification of new MIT OCW courses, video, audio or newsletter feature summaries on your desktop, or add them to your blog or website. Sign-up here: /OcwWeb/Global/OCWHelp/rssfeeds.htm

3. OpenCourseWare Grows Beyond MIT!


A simple idea that began at MIT about five years ago has bloomed into an international OCW movement - to advance education and empower people worldwide.  At the OpenCourseWare Consortium (, you’ll find more than 150 members who provide more than 4,000 free online courses. Learn more about these members and their opencoursewares.

4. Views from Visitors - How You Can Help


“I have completed my studies with Masters of Science
in Applied Genetics from Bangalore University. I 
wanted to learn more about the field of Biology
but the hurdle is there is no good library in Nepal
and as well as there is dearth of University which
teaches this subject in Nepal. With MIT OCW I am 
able to learn about mathematics and computational
biology...” – Student, Nepal

We love hearing from people around the world who use MIT OCW materials to improve their lives or share what they learn to help others. We need your help to continue providing these benefits! MIT OCW will always be a free and open digital publication, but your donation (small or large) helps us continue to offer a high-quality publication of MIT’s course materials.


Your gift of $50, $100, $500 or whatever amount is right for you will enable us to keep MIT OCW vibrant and up to date. Thank you!

5. Brain Teaser

Know your geography: Which five African countries border the Mediterranean Sea?  Extra credit if you can name all Middle East states, capital cities, rivers/seas, and population on this same map.

See the final exam map quiz in MIT’s History course: Islam, the Middle East, and the West, Fall 2006. /OcwWeb/History/21H-601Fall-2006/CourseHome/index.htm

MIT OpenCourseWare (MIT OCW) is a large-scale, Web-based publishing initiative that provides free, searchable access to the educational materials from more than 1600 MIT courses for educators, students, and individual learners around the world. The OpenCourseWare Consortium is an alliance of over 100 institutions providing (or developing) their own OCW web sites. At last count, there are about 3000 courses, in many languages, offered across the Consortium. The OCW Consortium web site is your portal to this vast resource. "The MIT OpenCourseWare Update" welcomes your feedback and suggestions about this newsletter and the MIT OCW Web site. Please send your feedback to MIT OpenCourseWare at Our mailing address is MIT OpenCourseWare, One Broadway, 8th floor, Cambridge, MA 02142.