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Additional Quotes


Brigitte Bouissou

"As a math teacher in France, I want to thank Professor Strang for his lectures… Everything is very lucid and it is a great help for preparing my own classes." - Brigitte Bouissou, Classes Preparatoires teacher in France

"This is perhaps the most revolutionary and brilliant move in education since libraries! The potential is boundless. I have used some of the applications from the mathematics curriculum to teach high school students. There is nothing like this on the Web!" - Connecticut

"This is fantastic! I am an MBA working in higher education who has always held your institution in the highest regard. I regularly read the material that you publish in your technology magazine and find this initiative of yours fantastic. I do hope that this sets the standard for other academic institutions to follow suit." - Virginia

"I want to thank you for taking this enormous step forward. In three faculty training workshops this summer, I described the OCW project; given the rabid for-profit approach toward online education, many doubted what I told them. Now here it is." - Illinois


Pekka Tolonen

"Your free-of-charge OCW is something brilliant - and unfortunately very rare - in this commerce and money driven world of ours. Even if the academic world has been more and more inclined towards the laws of business and money, you are showing an applausable example of returning to the very fundamental academic values; information open and available for all! As the world's most recognized university of engineering sciences, you are opening a path that hopefully will be followed by many." - Pekka Tolonen, self-learner in Spain

"Although I'm not religious the first expression I could think of is: God bless OCW. First time in my life that I KNOW I have the resources to learn. The world is a better place to live because of MIT. Who knows, you may find another Einstein." - Chile

"I am an experienced engineer in China and very interested in the MBA program in MIT Sloan School of Management. However, for my tight work time, I cannot study the MBA in school and I decided to self-learn the knowledge for Business Management. I am very happy to learn the MIT OCW program and visit your Web site. It is very useful for my self-learn." - China

"Don't stop. Whatever hurdles rise, keep this project moving. I previewed the courses and found the sites to work smoothly and the information available far exceeds what I expected. I can't wait until fall and 500 courses." - Kansas

Monson Murakatat

"I am a New Zealander and must confess I do not generally have a very high opinion of the influence of America in the rest of the world. At times it can make one quite angry... However, projects like this bring home the fact that there are some pretty fine people over there, and that it is easy to judge a nation (or entire group of people) on the failings of a few. Keep up the good work, and thanks for restoring some faith in the U.S of A." - New Zealand

"One can keep on learning a subject without having to attend a formal classroom. When I was looking for another intellectual challenge, the OCW came to my mind. All through my life, I have been amazed by the wonderful world of mathematics and physics on how they could answer natural phenomena, and when I was thinking of physics, the name MIT came up. With OCW, the course for my next knowledge journey has been set." - Monson Murakatat, Thailand


Abdullah Haroon Rasheed

"There are no limits to MIT OCW's usefulness. It is the best knowledge database on the Web specifically for the students of the related subjects. The language and context are very understandable therefore i dont think that one should have any difficulty in using them." - Abdullah Haroon Rasheed, student at National University Of Sciences and Technology in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

"Thanks a lot guys. You did a very good job. Keep up the good work! Maraming salamat!" (NOTE: means 'Many thanks,' in Tagalog). - Philippines

"This initiative may some day be looked upon as one of the greatest steps our civilization made to advance science and knowledge worldwide. It is a heaping helping of fresh blood for our educational system, and I can't thank you enough for having the courage to hold the banner of intellectual freedom so high. I will use it. And I will hope that others will follow your exceptional example." - Missouri

"First off I'd like to say that OCW is absolutely brilliant. I am a Informatics Engineering student and I am finding it very useful. An absolutely brilliant decision!" - Portugal

"When I read in a tiny little blurb in Wired magazine that MIT had made all its courses available on the Web for free, I was as dumbfounded as if I had just read that my local BMW dealer was giving away cars for free. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and decided that now was the perfect time to get started. That's when I began to realize that my analogy was not quite right; the car dealership was giving away BMWs, but as parts, you had to assemble them yourself. Still I can't adequately express what a profoundly generous thing MIT has done. Now you'll excuse me I have to get back to assembling my BMW." - United States

MIT Alumni and Faculty

Rogerio Machado

As an MIT alum from a developing country (Brazil), I am proud of the beauty (lacking a truly significant word) of this extremely generous and, notwithstanding, sensitively marketed wise MIT' initiative." - Rogerio Machado, Brazilian educator and MIT Sloan School alumnus

Shigeru Miyagawa

"Professors' exposure to the teaching of other professors raises the bar and I am sure that individuals will leap that bar. I think that OCW is a win for MIT students, for professors, for the MIT community, and for education in general." - Alumnus, Class of 1965 Shigeru Miyagawa

"OCW reflects the idea that, as scholars and teachers, we wish to share freely the knowledge that we generate through our research and teaching. While MIT may be better known for our research, with OCW we wish to showcase our teaching." - MIT Professor Shigeru Miyagawa, Professor of Linguistics, and Japanese Language and Culture

"Excellent idea! In this day and age, when it seems like universities are more concerned with making money than advancing and transferring knowledge, this sort of initiative is refreshing." - MIT Alumna, Class of 1985

"Having attended the 'Beaver Factory' from 1955 to 1960 with an S.B. in course 18, I am overjoyed to see the leap that Tech has made in its innovative information sharing. As I peruse the courses (fun to see I have forgotten little) I shall send impressions… MIT's president deserves the highest kudos. Many thanks."- Alumnus, Class of 1960