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Audio Lectures

Special software is required to use some of the files in this section: .mp3.

Audio files for guest lectures are presented courtesy of the instructors, and used with permission.

Part 1: Theory
1 Introduction to the Course: Purpose, Objectives, Scope, Methods, Discussion TB
2 Introduction to Ethics I TB
3 Introduction to Ethics II; Initial Discussion of B. F. Goodrich Case TB (MP3 - 14.4MB)
4 Introduction to Philosophy of Engineering I Prof. Joel Moses (MP3 - 17.3MB)
5 Introduction to Philosophy of Engineering II TB (MP3 - 18.6MB)
6 Introduction to Engineering Ethics: Codes of Ethics, Whistle Blowing, Case Study Methodology TB (MP3 - 18.9MB)
7 Case Studies: Finish Challenger Case; Ford Pinto Case TB (MP3 - 17.4MB)
Part 2: Case Studies
8 Case Studies: Chernobyl, Three Mile Island TB (MP3 - 17.9MB)
9 Case Studies (cont.): News Articles TB (MP3 - 15MB)
10 Case Studies: Chernobyl, Three Mile Island (cont.) TB (MP3 - 17.4MB)
11 Case Studies: B. F. Goodrich A7D Air Force Brakes TB (MP3 - 12.6MB)
12 First Principles of Engineering Ethics TB (MP3 - 22.8MB)
13 Solving Ethical Problems: Discussion of Heroes, Journeys, and Virtue in Mythology TB (MP3 - 17.7MB)
14 Individual, Professional, and Institutional Values Prof. Sheila Widnall (MP3 - 17.3MB)
15 Leadership in Engineering and Industry TB (MP3 - 13.5MB)
16 Competency with Good Character TB (MP3 - 16.7MB)
17 Recap of Semester so Far; Introduction to Codes of Ethics TB (MP3 - 17.9MB)
18 Codes of Ethics (cont.) TB (MP3 - 17.1MB)
19 Safety; Introduction to Narrative Ethics TB (MP3 - 16.7MB)
20 Ethical Terminology TB (MP3 - 18.1MB)
Part 3: Research Projects
21 Planning for Public Seminar; Terminology (cont.) TB (MP3 - 18.3MB)
22 Public Seminar on Narrative Ethics

Purpose: to initiate a systematic approach to the problems of identifying cross-cultural issues in the ethical education of science and engineering students, and extract from these issues lessons that may enhance the research experience in the globalization process
TB and Prof. Segun Gbadegesin, Howard University (MP3 - 22.7MB)
23 Human Flourishing TB (MP3 - 16.1MB)
24 Student Presentation Students (MP3 - 13.8MB)