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This syllabus provides an overview, prerequisites, format, and policies for the course. The policies are intended to guide students enrolled in the course.
Basic Theme
Introduction to optimization problems, algorithms, and their complexity, emphasizing basic methodologies and the underlying mathematical structures.
Topics Covered
a) Theory and Algorithms for Linear Programming
b) Network Flow Problems and Algorithms
c) Introduction to Integer Programming and Combinatorial Problems
Linear Algebra
Assignments and Exams
20%: 10 homeworks (including some computational problems)
30%: quiz 1
25%: quiz 2
25%: quiz 3
Rules and Regulations
  • Homework solutions will be handed out on the day that the homework is due. Late homeworks will be heavily discounted.
  • We encourage you to collaborate on homework. Study groups can be an excellent means to master course material. However, you must write up solutions on your own, neither copying solutions nor providing solutions to be copied. If you do collaborate on homework, you must cite, in your written solution, your collaborators. Also, if you use sources beyond the course materials in one of your solutions, e.g., an "expert" consultant, another text, or a "bible", be sure to cite the source.
  • We discourage, but do not forbid, use of materials from prior terms that a student may have access to. Use of such material requires a proper citation.