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14.02 Principles of Macroeconomics, Fall 2002

A drawing of the ups and downs of the stock market.
A drawing of the ups and downs of the stock market. (Courtesy of Prof. Huntley Schaller from class notes part 1 in the recitations.)

Highlights of this Course

A complete set of problem sets and answers, along with quizzes and some class notes, are provided in this course.

Course Description

This course will provide an overview of macroeconomic issues: the determination of output, employment, unemployment, interest rates, and inflation. Monetary and fiscal policies are discussed, as are the public debt and international economic issues. It introduces basic models of macroeconomics and illustrates principles with the experience of the United States and other economies.



Prof. Huntley Schaller

Course Meeting Times

Three sessions / week
1 hour / session



Additional Features

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