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Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

Department of Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Sciences (EAPS)
Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences (EAPS)

The intellectual interests of EAPS encompass the earth, its fluid envelopes, and its diverse neighbors throughout the solar system. We seek to understand the fundamental processes defining the origin, evolution, and current states of these systems and to use this understanding to predict the future. The scope of our research and teaching is immense, ranging from the inaccessible depths of the terrestrial interior outward to the orbit of Pluto, and beyond. The objects and systems we study are tangible or visible to the general public and, as exemplified by climate and natural resources, are sometimes central to societal goals.

The phenomena under investigation are often vexingly complex, and they engage a large array of scientific disciplines: Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Geobiology, Physical and Chemical Oceanography, Meteorology, Atmospheric Chemistry, and Planetary Science. EAPS operates world-class research and graduate educational programs in all of these disciplines, which makes it unique among earth and planetary science departments both nationally and internationally. Our undergraduate program offers options to study environmental science, geoscience, physics of the atmospheres and oceans, and planetary science and astronomy. The department takes pride in the fact that EAPS undergraduate students become actively involved in our research projects.

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MIT Course #Course Title
12.490 Advanced Igneous Petrology, Fall 2005
12.491 Advanced Seminar in Geology and Geochemistry: Organic Geochemistry, Fall 2005
12.119 Analytical Techniques for Studying Environmental and Geologic Samples, Spring 2006
12.005 Applications of Continuum Mechanics to Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, Spring 2006
12.333 Atmospheric and Ocean Circulations, Spring 2004
12.950 Atmospheric and Oceanic Modeling, Spring 2004
12.306 Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, Spring 2006
12.806J Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, Spring 2006
12.815 Atmospheric Radiation, Fall 2006
12.097 Chemical Investigations of Boston Harbor, January (IAP) 2006
12.620J Classical Mechanics: A Computational Approach, Fall 2002
12.010 Computational Methods of Scientific Programming, Fall 2005
12.453 Crosby Lectures in Geology: History of Africa, Fall 2005
12.517 Dynamics of Complex Systems: Biological and Environmental Coevolution Preceding the Cambrian Explosion, Spring 2005
12.517 Dynamics of Complex Systems: Complexity in Ecology, Spring 2000
12.517 Dynamics of Complex Systems: Ecological Theory, Spring 2001
12.141 Electron Microprobe Analysis by Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Spectrometry, January (IAP) 2006
12.102 Environmental Earth Science, Fall 2005
12.201 Essentials of Geophysics, Fall 2004
12.501 Essentials of Geophysics, Fall 2004
12.114 Field Geology I, Fall 2005
12.800 Fluid Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean, Fall 2004
12.812 General Circulation of the Earth's Atmosphere, Fall 2005
12.007 Geobiology, Spring 2003
12.520 Geodynamics, Fall 2006
12.848J Global Climate Change: Economics, Science, and Policy, Spring 2004
12.S56 GPS: Civilian Tool or Military Weapon?, Fall 2005
12.409 Hands-On Astronomy: Observing Stars and Planets, Spring 2002
12.864 Inference from Data and Models, Spring 2005
12.402J Introduction to Astronomy, Spring 2006
12.808 Introduction to Observational Physical Oceanography, Fall 2004
12.510 Introduction to Seismology, Spring 2005
12.804 Large-scale Flow Dynamics Lab, Fall 2005
12.524 Mechanical Properties of Rocks, Fall 2005
12.091 Medical Geology/Geochemistry: An Exposure, January (IAP) 2006
12.215 Modern Navigation, Fall 2006 NEW
12.458 Molecular Biogeochemistry, Fall 2006
12.006J Nonlinear Dynamics I: Chaos, Fall 2006 NEW
12.740 Paleoceanography, Spring 2006
12.301 Past and Present Climate, Fall 2006 NEW
12.842 Past and Present Climate, Fall 2006 NEW
12.109 Petrology, Fall 2005
12.581 Phase Transitions in the Earth's Interior, Spring 2005
12.990 Prediction and Predictability in the Atmosphere and Oceans, Spring 2003
12.540 Principles of the Global Positioning System, Spring 2003
12.091 Radon Research in Multidisciplines: A Review, January (IAP) 2007
12.757 Science and Communication, Spring 2005 NEW
12.110 Sedimentary Geology, Fall 2004
12.085 Seminar in Environmental Science, Fall 2005
12.570 Seminar in Geophysics: Mantle Convection, Spring 1998
12.570 Seminar in Geophysics: Thermal and Chemical Evolution of the Earth, Spring 2005
12.000 Solving Complex Problems, Fall 2003
12.103 Strange Bedfellows: Science and Environmental Policy, Fall 2005
12.113 Structural Geology, Fall 2005
12.570 Structure and Dynamics of the CMB Region, Spring 2004
12.108 Structure of Earth Materials, Fall 2004
12.163 Surface Processes and Landscape Evolution, Fall 2004
12.463 Surface Processes and Landscape Evolution, Fall 2004
12.400 The Solar System, Spring 2006
12.480 Thermodynamics for Geoscientists, Spring 2004
12.091 Trace Element Analysis of Geological, Biological & Environmental Materials by Neutron Activation Analysis: An Exposure, January (IAP) 2005
12.811 Tropical Meteorology, Spring 2005
12.820 Turbulence in Geophysical Systems, Spring 2005
12.822 Turbulence in Geophysical Systems, Spring 2005
12.802 Wave Motions in the Ocean and Atmosphere, Spring 2004