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Chemical Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering
Photo illustration by Greg Sands.

The mission of the Department of Chemical Engineering is to be the global leader in chemical engineering education and research. We train students to be the best in shaping and solving complex problems, particularly the translation of molecular information and discovery into products and processes.

Our programs are enriched by an emphasis on leadership; fundamental understanding of physical, chemical, and biological processes; engineering design and synthesis skills; and interdisciplinary perspectives on technological, economic, and social issues. Our focus is education.

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MIT Course #Course Title
10.571J Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry, Spring 2006
10.442 Biochemical Engineering, Spring 2005
10.542 Biochemical Engineering, Spring 2005
10.538J Biomolecular Kinetics and Cellular Dynamics (BE.420J), Fall 2004
10.40 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Fall 2003
10.675J Computational Quantum Mechanics of Molecular and Extended Systems, Fall 2004
10.702CI Experimental Biology - Communications Intensive, Spring 2005
10.702 Experimental Biology & Communication, Spring 2005
10.539J Fields, Forces, and Flows in Biological Systems (BE.430J), Fall 2004
10.392J Fundamentals of Advanced Energy Conversion, Spring 2004
10.490 Integrated Chemical Engineering I, Fall 2006
10.491 Integrated Chemical Engineering II, Spring 2006
10.492-2 Integrated Chemical Engineering Topics I: Introduction to Biocatalysis, Fall 2004
10.492-1 Integrated Chemical Engineering Topics I: Process Control by Design, Fall 2004
10.010J Introduction to Bioengineering (BE.010J), Spring 2006
10.333J Introduction to Modeling and Simulation, Spring 2006
10.002J Introduction to Numerical Analysis for Engineering (13.002J), Spring 2005
10.652J Kinetics of Chemical Reactions, Spring 2003
10.806 Management in Engineering, Fall 2004
10.52 Mechanics of Fluids, Spring 2006
10.520 Molecular Aspects of Chemical Engineering, Fall 2004
10.420 Molecular Aspects of Chemical Engineering, Fall 2004
10.537 Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Biomechanics (BE.410J), Spring 2003
10.34 Numerical Methods Applied to Chemical Engineering, Fall 2005
10.34 Numerical Methods Applied to Chemical Engineering, Fall 2006
10.467 Polymer Science Laboratory, Fall 2005
10.547J Principles and Practice of Drug Development, Fall 2005
10.450 Process Dynamics, Operations, and Control, Spring 2006
10.792J Proseminar in Manufacturing, Fall 2005
10.543J Protein Folding Problem, Fall 2003
10.74J Radiative Transfer, Spring 2006
10.32 Separation Processes, Spring 2005
10.445 Separation Processes for Biochemical Products, Summer 2005
10.545 Separation Processes for Biochemical Products, Summer 2005
10.44J Statistical Thermodynamics of Complex Liquids, Spring 2004
10.391J Sustainable Energy, Spring 2005
10.569 Synthesis of Polymers, Fall 2006
10.805J Technology, Law, and the Working Environment, Spring 2006
10.302 Transport Processes, Fall 2004
10.548J Tumor Pathophysiology and Transport Phenomena, Fall 2005