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Additional References

ses # Topics readings
1 Introduction: The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Drug Development Process Association of American Medical Colleges [AAMC], Food and Drug Administration [FDA], and University of San Francisco [UCSF] Center for Drug Development Science. "Drug Development Science: Obstacles and Opportunities for Collaboration Among Academia, Industry and Government." Report of an Invitational Conference, Washington, DC, 2005.

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For Reference

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Review Again

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3 Examples of Druggability Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry

FDA Drug Regulatory Process
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4 Basic Science Part II – Molecular Toxicology in Preclinical Studies
5 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Part I
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7 Clustering Effects in Biotech Companies, Organization and Management

Speeding up Information Management in Clinical Practice

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8 Valuing Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

Policy and Economic Considerations in Drug Development
9 Putting it all Together: A System Dynamics Model of the Anti-cholesterol Drugs Market

Analyzing the Human Genome Project
Financial Times Articles

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10 Development and Impact of Genetic Tests

Supply Chain Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry
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Optional Readings

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11 The Impact of Pedigree on Drug Supply Chains

The Biotech Disruption to Anti-Cancer Drug Development
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13 Student Presentations

Additional References


Health Affairs 4, no. 3 (2005).

In particular, the following articles in this issue of Health Affairs discuss the business of vaccines:

Hinman, A. R. "Addressing The Vaccine Financing Conundrum."

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