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ses # Activities
4 Teams Formed

Break into Groups and Kick-off Work on Course Project
8 Project Outlines Due
12 Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentations Due
13 Selected Project Presentations Delivered in Class
Papers Due


The objective of the entire project is to work as a multidisciplinary team to explore, in depth, a question related to drug discovery and/or development in the context of a specific illness or disorder. Part of the task will be for team members to work together to define and structure the question they plan to address. At all points in the course of their projects, teams are encouraged to meet and discuss with the Teaching Assistant their topic and approach.


The project outline/proposal should be one page including:

  1. The research question(s) you want to address (i.e., abstract of your argument.)
  2. The approach you plan to use (e.g., preliminary data sources.)
  3. A statement describing the intended role of each team member.

The final paper should be approximately 10-15 pages long, and the Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation should have no more than 20 slides. A paragraph describing the actual contribution of each team member must be included; the expectation is not that all team members contribute exactly equally, but that each member has contributed and that the varied backgrounds of team members have been used effectively. Several groups will be invited to give their presentations in the final class. We regret that there will be insufficient class time to accommodate all of the groups' presentations.


As the only written assignments during the semester, we expect students to devote, over the course of the term, a major effort to completing all deliverables. The grade received for the project (including all deliverables) will account for 75% of the grade in the academic subject; the remainder of the grade will be based on class participation.