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Lecture Notes

SES # TOPICS notes
1 Introduction: The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Drug Development Process

Instructors: Stan N. Finkelstein, M.D., Robert H. Rubin, M.D., Anthony J. Sinskey, Ph.D.
2 Basic Science Part I – Discovery Innovation and Emerging Technologies, Basic Business

Instructors: Anthony J. Sinskey, Ph.D.

Guest Lecturer: Robert Mulroy, President and CEO, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
3 Examples of Druggability Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Guest Lecturer: Frank Douglas, Ph.D.

FDA Drug Regulatory Process

Instructor: Stan N. Finkelstein, M.D.
4 Basic Science Part II – Molecular Toxicology in Preclinical Studies

Instructor: Anthony J. Sinskey, Ph.D.
5 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Part I

Instructors: Charles L. Cooney, Ph.D.
6 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Part II

Guest Lecturer: G. K. Raju, Ph.D.

Clustering Effects in Biotech Companies, Organization and Management

Instructor: Thomas J. Allen, Ph.D.

Speeding up Information Management in Clinical Practice

Guest Lecturer: Zak Kohane, HMS


Guest Lecturer: Adam Tomasi, MBA Candidate, MIT Sloan School of Management

8 Valuing Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

Guest Lecturer: Terrence W. Norchi, M.D., MBA, Former Senior Equity Analyst and Portfolio Manager, Putnam Securities

Policy and Economic Considerations in Drug Development

Instructor: Stan Finkelstein, M.D.
9 Putting it all Together: A System Dynamics Model of the Anti-cholesterol Drugs Market

Instructor: Charles L. Cooney, Ph.D.
Guest Lecturer: Henry B. Weil, M.S.

Analyzing the Human Genome Project

Instructor: Fiona Murray, Ph.D.
10 Development and Impact of Genetic Tests

Instructor: Jessica Lang-Kosa, Ph.D., MIT Postdoctoral Fellow, POPI

Supply Chain Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Guest Lecturer: David Simchi-Levi, Ph.D.
11 The Impact of Pedigree on Drug Supply Chains

Guest Lecturer: Daniel W. Engels, Ph.D., Director, HRI

The Biotech Disruption to Anti-Cancer Drug Development

Guest Lecturer: Lourdes Sosa, Ph.D. Candidate, Sloan School, TIE Program
12 Global Health and the Pharmaceutical Industry in 3rd World Countries

Instructor: Robert H. Rubin, M.D.
Guest Lecturers: John Swen, Alexander Fleming
13 Student Presentations