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Lecture Notes

Part I: Energy in Context
L1 Introduction: Subject Overview and Administration - Prof. Michael Golay

Historical Context (PDF 1) (PDF 2 - 1.0 MB)
Energy Sources for a More Sustainable Future
Sustainable Energy
L2 Overview of Energy Use and Related Issues - Prof. Michael Golay (PDF)

Major Energy Options
Issues of Supply and Demand
Overview of Units and Dimensions for Global Energy Flows (Quads, MMBOE, MW, EJ, etc.)
Energy Conversions (Chemical to Thermal, Chemical to Electric, etc.)
Economic Considerations
TBL1 Energy Resource Assessment - Prof. Michael Golay

Major Energy Options (Solar, Geologic, Ocean)
Resource Base - Uncertainties, Grade/Quality Issues, Resource vs. Reserve Estimates, Economic Evaluation Frameworks
Energy Transmission and Distribution (Pipelines, Tankers, Rail, Power Lines)
L3 Sustainability, Energy, and Clean Technologies in Context - Dr. Elisabeth Drake (PDF)

Issues: Frameworks for Evaluation
Sustainability Attributes
Time an Space Scales
Population and Consumption Growth, Tradeoffs and Choices
TBL2 Energy Supply, Demand, and Storage Planning Methods - Prof. Michael Golay (PDF)

Matching Energy Density of Supply and Demand
Temporal and Geographical Distributions
Role of Energy Storage
Influences of Pricing During Demand Peaks and Valleys
L4 Resource Evaluation and Depletion Analysis - Prof. Michael Golay (PDF)
R1 Discussion of Sustainability Issues - Dr. Elisabeth Drake

Technical Feasibility
Opportunities and Barriers; Timing Issues
Drivers of Change?
TBL3 Economic Feasibility Assessment Methods - Prof. Michael Golay (PDF)

Engineering, Capital, and Investment Costs
Fuel Costs
Life Cycle Costs
Environmental Externalities (Emissions, Wastes, etc.)
L5 Global Change Issues and Responses - Prof. Peter Stone

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Potential Effects
Modeling of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Terrestrial Effects
Effects on Ecology and Biodiversity (Local-regional Global)
Responses to CO2 Build-up
L6 International Efforts to Abate Global Change - Prof. Henry Jacoby
R2 Further Discussion on Term Paper Requirements and Topic Assignments - Dr. Elisabeth Drake
L7 Regional Air Pollution - Prof. Greg McRae
TBL4 Systems Analysis Methodologies - Dr. Elisabeth Drake (PDF)

Scoping Analysis
Simulation Models
Economic Models
Life Cycle Analysis
Systems Dynamic Models
Decision Models
Selecting System Boundaries
R3 Discussion on Energy Resources and Depletion - Dr. Elisabeth Drake
L8 Overview of Energy Supply Portfolio - Prof. Jefferson Tester (PDF - 1.3 MB)

Criteria for Evaluating Energy Technologies
Solar Based: Thermal; PV; Wind; Biomass; etc.
Earth Based: Fossil; Nuclear; Hydro; Geothermal; etc.
Ocean Based and Others
TBL5 Energy Transfer and Conversion Methods - Prof. Jefferson Tester (PDF)

Physical Properties (Density, Heat Capacity, Latent Heat, ...)
Chemical Reactions and Kinetics - Fossil and Biomass Fuel Time-scales
Transport Phenomena and Rates
Energy Storage Modes
Electrochemical Conversions
L9 Energy Conversion, Transmission, and Storage - Prof. Jefferson Tester

Matching Supply and Demand to Minimize Losses
Energy Storage and Transmission Issues
Energy Chains and Connected Efficiencies
Storage Modes
Ragone Plot
Transmission of Fossil Fuels and Electricity
TBL6 Thermodynamics and Efficiency Analysis Methods - Prof. Jefferson Tester (PDF)

First and Second Laws
Power Cycles and Heat Pumps
Topping and Bottoming Cycles
Part II: Specific Energy Technologies
L10 Geothermal Energy - Prof. Jefferson Tester (PDF - 1.8 MB)

Resources, Types, Magnitudes
Technical, Environmental, Societal, and Economic Issues
Drilling Technologies
Subsurface Reservoir Systems
Heat and Power Conversion Technologies
Future Opportunities
L11 Hydropower - Prof. Jefferson Tester (PDF)

Technical Issues (Hydraulic Head, Turbines, etc.)
Reliability and Growth Potential
Water Management (Inundation, Leaching, Fish Impacts, Irrigation, Waste Management, etc.)
Life Cycle Aspects and Economics
L12-L13 Joint Video-link Class with Cambridge University - U.S. and British Energy Policies and Issues - Prof. Nuttall and Prof. Michael Golay
L14 Nuclear Waste Disposal - Prof. Andrew Kadak
R4 Problem Session: Economics, Energy Conversion, Systems Analysis - Prof. Michael Golay
Midterm Exam - 2 Hour Exam (Open Book, Class Notes and Calculator Permitted)
L15 Electrochemical Energy Storage: Batteries and Fuel Cells - Prof. Donald Sadoway
L16 Fuel Cell and Distributed Energy Programs in Industry - Dr. Javit Drake, Gillette Technical Center
R5 Review of Mid-Term Exam
L17 Biomass Energy - Prof. Jefferson Tester (PDF - 1.8 MB)

Resource Types and Requirements
Technical and Environmental Issues
Land use (Ecological Stress, Competition with Food, Water use, Topsoil Erosion, Occupational Hazards)
Utilization Options
Economic Projections
L18 Biomass Conversion to Liquid Fuels - Prof. Jefferson Tester
R6 Biomass Conversion Discussion - Prof. Jefferson Tester with input from Michael Rabb, Jeremy Johnson, and Dr. Morgan Fröling

LCA and New Genetic Engineering Approaches
L19 Nuclear Energy I: Present technologies - Prof. Michael Golay (PDF)
L20 Nuclear Energy II: Future Technologies and the Fuel Cycle - Prof. Michael Golay (PDF - 2.3 MB)
L21 Fossil Energy I - Prof. Ahmed Ghoniem (PDF 1 of 2 - 1.9 MB) (PDF 2 of 2 - 2.8 MB) (Courtesy of Prof. A. F. Ghoniem. Used with permission.)

Types and Characteristics
Associated Economics and Impacts
Fossil Fuel Switching (Syn Fuels, LNG, Carbon Sequestration)
L22 Fossil Energy II - Prof. Ahmed Ghoniem

Fuel Conversion, Power Cycles, Combined Cycles
Advanced Technologies
L23 Fusion Energy Technologies - Prof. Jeff Friedberg
R7 Problem Session on Energy System Analysis - Prof. Michael Golay
L24 Wind Power - Dr. Robert W. Thresher, NREL
L25 Cape Wind Energy and Offshore Wind Projects - Mr. Jim Gordon, President of Cape Wind, Inc.
L26 Solar Thermal Energy - Prof. Jefferson Tester (PDF - 1.4 MB) (Courtesy of Edward C. Kern. Used with permission.)

Resource Grade and Distributions
Performance Issues (Intermittency and Storage Needs)
Environmental, Technical, and Land use Issues
Economic Projections
L27 Solar Photovoltaics - Prof. Eli Sachs

Conversion Devices
PV Systems
Environmental, Performance, Economic Attributes
Part III: Energy End Use, Option Assessment, and Tradeoff Analysis
L28 Eco-Buildings - Prof. Leon Glicksman

U.S. and World-wide
Indoor Air Quality
Smart Buildings
Infrastructure Integration
L29 Domestic Energy Efficiency Improvement Potential - Dr. E. C. Guyer
L30 Electric Industry Restructuring - Prof. Paul Joskow
L31 Future Road Transportation Options - Prof. John Heywood
L32 Energy Supply and Use in China and Morocco - Prof. Michael Golay

China (PDF)
Morocco (PDF 1 of 4 - 2.8 MB) (PDF 2 of 4 - 2.1 MB) (PDF 3 of 4 - 2.3 MB) (PDF 4 of 4 - 2.4 MB)
R8 Recitation: A Case Study - Prof. Jefferson Tester

Energy Development in Low Income Rural Settings
L33 Sustainable Development Issues and Decision-Making Techniques - Dr. Elisabeth Drake (PDF)
L34 U.S. Energy Policy and Options - Prof. Ernie Moniz
L35 Course Summary and Wrap-up - Prof. Michael Golay, Prof. Jefferson Tester, and Dr. Elisabeth Drake

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