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9.52-B Topics in Brain and Cognitive Sciences Human Ethology, Spring 2001

Photo of monkeys and humans studying each other.
Monkeys studying humans studying monkeys. (Image by Prof. Gerald Schneider.)

Highlights of this Course

This undergraduate class presents human ethology for future researchers in the field, and is designed to be both broad and deep. While the course focuses primarily on humans, it explores the intersection of human ethology and animal behavior, because there are many similarities between the two disciplines. The extensive reading list draws on the seminal works in the field.

Course Description

Survey and special topics designed for students in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Emphasizes ethological studies of natural behavior patterns and their analysis in laboratory work, with contributions from field biology (mammology, primatology), sociobiology, and comparative psychology. Stresses human behavior but also includes major contributions from studies of other animals.


Prof. Gerald Schneider

Course Meeting Times

One session / week
3 hours / session



Additional Features

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