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9.52-A Investigating the Neural Substrates of Remote Memory using fMRI, Spring 2003

This stimulus sample is used during an experiment to identify the neural substrates of remote memory.
This stimulus sample is used during an experiment to identify the neural substrates of remote memory. (Courtesy of Corkin Laboratory, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT.)

Highlights of this Course

This course explores memory retention and localization throughout the life of an individual. The student is expected to recruit subjects, understand some of their history, and produce stimuli that elicit long-term memories of the particular subject. Additionally, students are expected to scan the subjects in a functional magnetic resonance imager (fMRI). There is an extensive reading list, as well as related resources, so that readers can explore the topic further.

Course Description

This course is an investigation to distinguish episodic memory, which is memory of personal events, from semantic memory, which is general knowledge independent of time and place.


Prof. Suzanne Corkin

Course Meeting Times

One session / week
3 hours / session



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