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4.125 Architecture Studio: Building in Landscapes, Fall 2002

Rockport quarry.
The Rockport Quarry. (Image by Jan Wampler.)

Highlights of this Course

4.125 is the third undergraduate design studio. There are video clips of field trips and student presentations in the lecture notes section. The study materials section offers many pictures from class and field trips. And the projects section shows a compilation of student work from the term.

Course Description

This subject introduces skills needed to build within a landscape establishing continuities between the built and natural world. Students learn to build appropriately through analysis of landscape and climate for a chosen site, and to conceptualize design decisions through drawings and models.

Technical Requirements

RealOne Player software is required to run the .rm files found on this course site.



Prof. Jan Wampler

Course Meeting Times

Three sessions / week
4 hours / session



Additional Features

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